Lawyers in Indiana to get legal services as ‘lawless’ legal industry expands

The legal services industry is set to grow by more than 50% this year in Indiana, with the Indiana Bar Association announcing today it is expanding its workforce to provide legal services.

The association said its expansion will also include an expansion of its legal services division.

The move is part of a growing trend across the US that is turning to the private sector to fill legal needs and has been seen as a sign that legal services will be available for a wider range of consumers as technology and digitalization continue to take hold in the marketplace.

The Indiana Bar said it will offer legal services to more than 6,000 clients in the state this year and will be adding nearly 2,000 new attorneys by 2020.

The increase is expected to bring the total number of legal professionals to more that 12,500 by 2020, which is nearly double the number of lawyers in the Indiana General Assembly.

The state bar has seen a rapid expansion in the number and size of its workforce over the last five years, with some states such as Virginia seeing their legal staffing numbers grow at an exponential rate.

The number of attorneys in the bar’s legal services divisions is set at more than 15,000, the association said, adding that the expansion will bring in an additional 2,500 additional attorneys this year.

The association also said that the Indiana bar will expand its legal programs to include a broader range of services, including mediation, representation and criminal justice, in addition to the state bar’s criminal justice program.