How to watch ‘Law & Order’ Season 7 with a legal marijuana expert

CBS News contributor and marijuana advocate Dan Riffle has written a new book about the history of marijuana legalization in America.

Riffle tells CBS News’ Crimesider podcast that there’s been a long history of people who claim to be marijuana activists who have been accused of violating the law.

They’ve all been charged with criminal trespass, he says, even though they were acting lawfully.

He says that in most cases, they are actually innocent.

He’s not referring to people who have smoked pot, or those who have used marijuana in some way, but rather the people who use it in a legal way.

“I’m not talking about people who are doing the wrong thing or the illegal thing.

I’m talking about the people doing the right thing.

And if they are doing it lawfully, they should be able to do it,” he said.

The author of “Selling Pot: Selling Pot for Real,” which is due out next month, says there’s a difference between a “legal” and a “illegal” marijuana sale.

“If you buy pot from a store and you’re on the street and you have a baggie in your pocket, it’s legal.

But if you’re a criminal and you want to sell that baggie to somebody and you know that person’s a criminal, it is illegal,” he says.

Ruffle argues that marijuana legalization is a public health issue.

He says the legalization of marijuana will help combat the opioid epidemic.

“The fact that marijuana is the leading cause of accidental overdose in the United States is very significant,” he tells Crimesider.

“It’s one of the leading causes of overdose death and death from prescription drugs in the U.S. We can’t afford to be letting this epidemic continue.

So we’ve got to do something to address it.

And that’s why marijuana is legal.

And we’re going to have to address that in this country.”