Drug legalization: Cubans make legal cigar business illegal

Cuban cigars are legal in the United States, but illegal in Cuba, where the government has banned production and sale of them.

The U.S. Embassy in Havana said Tuesday that it was a decision taken after a recent review.

It noted that Cubans could still buy cigars, but only through authorized retailers and that “some Cubans may have difficulty accessing these products.”

It added that it had taken “measures to prevent unauthorized sales” of the products.

The Embassy noted that its review “was based on the findings of an independent evaluation conducted by a Cuban company.”

It noted it was “unaware of any Cuban-based cigar manufacturer that would be using the product.”

Cuban cigars were banned in the U.K. and other countries, and the U.-S.

Free Trade Agreement with Cuba was recently renegotiated.

U.N. sanctions have also been placed on Cuba, as has an embargo on the importation of Cuban tobacco products.

In addition, the U-S.

has imposed a ban on Cuban cigars that come from the U., as well as restrictions on their importation.