How to Legalize Marijuana in Oregon

Oregon’s legal marijuana industry has blossomed, with sales of the drug exceeding $2.5 million in 2016, up from $1.5 billion a year earlier.

But the state’s economy is still struggling with unemployment, a recession and an overall decline in the number of people who use marijuana for medicinal purposes.

The industry has also faced challenges from state and federal authorities, who have warned that the drug could pose a danger to public health.

In a recent interview with NBC News, the head of Oregon’s state agency for medical marijuana, the Oregon Cannabis Commission, said he expects the legal industry will expand to reach “billions” of dollars in revenue by 2021.

“The biggest growth is going to come from the states,” said Bill Gorman, executive director of the commission.

The state will need to increase taxes, regulations and licensing to accommodate the growth.

But Gorman said he believes it will be able to handle the job, which will require creating a regulatory structure that will help ensure that patients get their cannabis safely and affordably.

“We have a great system,” he said.

“If we could do it right, it would be fantastic.”