How to stop the IRS from targeting conservative groups for tax-exempt status

The IRS has repeatedly denied that it has targeted conservative groups in an effort to stymie their political activities, but the agency’s internal watchdog has raised concerns about some of the groups that were targeted.

A report from the IRS’s inspector general says that while the agency has taken steps to identify, identify and remove tax-related problems, it has not identified all of the potentially harmful applications it has received from those groups, including requests for documents and emails.

The IG said in a report Thursday that it identified five cases of improper targeting of groups that applied for tax exemptions through the tax-exemption program.

The IRS did not respond to a request for comment.

The report also said that the IRS has not made any changes in its procedures for responding to complaints about potential abuse of tax-free status applications from conservative groups, but that it is reviewing how it responds to requests from conservative organizations seeking information on whether the IRS improperly targeted their applications for tax exemption.