Does a Marijuana Card Come With a Legal Smoking Age?

LAD BIBLE – The Bible article LONDON, England (AP) A bill to legalize recreational marijuana in England has passed a House of Commons committee with a big boost from one of its authors, and could soon become law.

The House of Lords last week passed the bill, which will be debated in the upper chamber of Parliament later this month.

It would make England the third U.K. country to legalize marijuana, after Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Currently, marijuana is illegal under British law, though a new drug-treatment law will be approved by the government next month.

Marijuana is grown and sold in England and sold under a variety of names, including cannabis oil and the marijuana plant itself.

The proposal would allow people to grow and smoke cannabis at home, but would not make them legal to consume in any other form.

It also does not legalize recreational pot use.

Supporters say it will help reduce drug-related violence, and it’s hoped it will boost the economy.

Opponents say it would legalize criminal activity, and would put millions of Britons on the criminal justice system.