How to find free legal help in the US

Legal aid is available to anyone seeking legal assistance, regardless of where they live.

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has a number of resources for those living in states that have legalized medical marijuana, and it’s important to note that this is not an exhaustive list.

There are also other resources available, such as state-specific support services, like the American Civil Liberties Union’s Legal Services Clinic, that can assist with issues like identity and identification documents, driver’s licenses, and even passport application fees.

For those who are facing legal issues, the American Association of State Legal Aid Directors (ASALAD) has more information.

You can also check your state’s Department of Health for updates.

If you have legal questions, you can contact the American College of Medical Specialists (ACMS), which provides information on the availability of legal services, as well as state guidelines.

For more information on legal aid in the UK, check out the latest news and videos from around the world.