NYC, NY residents will be able to bring up to five children into the home

NEW YORK — New York City residents will soon be able use the new city ordinance to legally bring up four children into their homes, city officials announced Wednesday.

The city ordinance will make it legal for couples to bring one or two children into a home, as well as for couples with multiple children to bring in up to four.

The new law will also allow individuals to bring children into homes of their own for religious or medical reasons.

The new law is the latest step in the long-term rollout of New York’s groundbreaking legalization of same-sex marriage.

Since November 2016, the city has legalized same-sibling marriages, allowing single gay men to marry each other as well.

The city’s law also allows couples to share children, and a judge ruled last year that New York is the only city in the country to offer the option to foster care for same-gender couples.