How to change your name legally in Oregon

New York Times (US) title California law allows legal name change to change name article US newsmagazine (US)/Reuters (AU) title What you need to know about the new law on same-sex marriage in New York article Newspaper (US, Australia) title Australia bans same-gender marriage article The Times (Australia, New Zealand) title Gay marriage ban ‘inherently discriminatory’ in New Zealand article New Zealanders will soon be able to change their name on their birth certificate to the gender they identify with.

Australia is one of the few countries to allow same-day marriage.

The bill is being drafted by a group called the Australian Marriage Equality Association, which is set to present it to the Australian Parliament next week.

Opponents of same-year marriage say it is discriminatory.

New Zealand is the only country to have passed a bill allowing same-age same-name marriages.

It has also passed laws allowing same gender marriage, but only for heterosexual couples.

Legal name changes are legal in Australia, but the changes must be approved by a judge.

Marriage equality advocates say it would be unfair for same-born couples to have to change the names on their marriage certificates, but not to their birth certificates.

“They are able to choose their own name, but then there are those who have chosen not to,” said Anne Williams, a partner in the law firm Slater and Gordon, which has a legal practice in New South Wales.

Williams said a name change could be made to an individual’s birth certificate at any time if they wished.

She said a person could make the change at the same time they change their legal name, so a person with a maiden name could have their birth name changed at the very same time.

What you need in New Jersey if you’re considering changing your name to a different gender or name.