Legal aid to be provided to homeless Boston homeless

Legal aid groups and organizations working with the homeless in Boston are looking to offer legal assistance and other resources to the homeless to help them get off the streets.

Boston Legal Aid Society (BLAS) and the Boston Legal Assistance Foundation (BLAF) announced Tuesday that they will be working together on a legal aid program, offering free legal assistance to homeless people.

The two organizations are collaborating on a pilot program called the Boston Homeless Legal Advocacy Project, which is a joint effort between BLAS and the Legal Aid Foundation of Massachusetts (LAFM).

The two organizations say the partnership will expand on the existing program.

The Boston Homeless Lawyer Program will be run by the Legal Assistance Fund (LALF) and will be funded through private donations, said Jennifer Tischler, president of BLAS.

It will be available to homeless individuals, families, and people living on the streets who can’t afford legal services.

The Legal Aid Fund and BLAS are partners in the Homeless Justice Coalition, a national network of homeless advocacy organizations.

Tischlers said the program will include legal assistance, legal representation and referrals for other services.

“The hope is that the partners can provide this service to the underserved people who need it most,” she said.

The pilot project is being run in Boston by the Greater Boston Legal Services Coalition (GBLSC), which has a goal of providing 24/7 legal aid and legal assistance services to homeless adults and children in Boston, and is also partnering with Legal Aid Alliance of Massachusetts, which operates legal aid programs in Boston and beyond.

The GBLSC says it plans to offer services to people who are homeless, including food, shelter, emergency shelter, legal aid counseling, and legal aid referrals.

The other partner in the partnership is the Legal Advocates Network (LAN), a non-profit that focuses on providing free legal and legal defense services to the poor.

The LAN also provides free legal services to low-income adults and families.

“This is a really important and exciting opportunity for our community to have access to legal aid that can help them stay off the street,” said Tischlinger.

“We’re excited about this partnership with the Legal Alliance of Boston, which will help us reach out to the chronically homeless and the people living in shelters and on the street, to give them a second chance at a normal life,” she added.

The program is expected to take a year to implement, with the goal of offering free, legal services by the end of 2021.

For more information on the program, visit:The Legal Alliance for Boston, the organization that works with homeless people, is also launching a free legal program to help homeless individuals in Boston.

The organization said the Free Legal Services Program will allow people living without legal representation to access free legal representation services. 

The program will be offered to people in shelters, transitional housing, and those living in transitional housing on the North Shore, while the program is open to anyone in the city of Boston.

The Free Legal Advocating Program will provide free legal, civil, and family legal services for homeless individuals and families, said John Lauer, executive director of the Legal Services Alliance for BOSTON.

It also provides legal representation for the chronically and homeless people living off the grid in Boston who are in crisis.

The LALF will be providing free representation for people living out of the city who have nowhere else to go, Lauer said.