This is how hemp is legal in the UK

Legal hemp is being legalized in the United Kingdom, as a new strain is being created to help combat the spread of a strain of coronavirus that has ravaged much of the country.

The plant, called “Kush,” is being grown by UK-based company Grosvenor Cannabis and is being marketed to help people in a crisis.

The new strain, which has not yet been approved by the U.K. Food and Drug Administration, is called Kush Hemp.

The strain, developed by British company Giro, is the first to be approved for use in the U!

The UK government, which is not legally permitted to grow hemp, is allowed to sell it to farmers under the Medicines Act.

The government, however, has not authorized the production of the cannabis to be used for medical purposes.

The cannabis is being cultivated on an industrial scale and can be grown to be as small as five plants, which are typically planted in small fields.

Gros, the UK’s first industrial hemp producer, said it hopes Kush Hemp will help the UK “embrace a hemp industry that is rapidly growing, is more sustainable, and is economically competitive.”

Gros’ CEO, David Treadway, said, “Our hope is that this strain will make it to the UK and be used on a commercial scale as soon as possible.”

The government is also working with private producers to commercialize Kush Hemp, but the company has not released any information about which companies are currently working on developing Kush Hemp for use on a large scale.

Kush Hemp is a strain that was approved for sale by the FDA in January, but it is currently illegal to grow and sell the plant.

According to Gros’s website, Kush Hemp can be used in both medicinal and non-medicinal applications.

It is also said to be an effective alternative to traditional pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.

Kush is being developed to help reduce the spread in the country of coronavia, which was responsible for the deaths of nearly 1,500 people in the past two weeks.

In the past, there has been a lot of debate about the benefits of legalizing hemp for medicinal purposes.

According the Drug Enforcement Administration, hemp is a low-THC, high-cannabinoid, non-psychoactive cannabis plant that is also known as the “legal highs” because of its association with marijuana.

The DEA states that it has “found that cannabis contains cannabinoids that are among the most potent and efficacious of any drug.”

It is illegal to produce, import, or export hemp in the US.

However, hemp has been used for hundreds of years in the European Union as a crop for the production and processing of fiber.

Hemp can also be used to make paper, and in the 1960s, the United States banned hemp from food production because it was thought to be a high-contaminant feedstock for animal feed.