How to get legal pot in Colorado?

How to find a doctor, get a lawyer, and get your Colorado medical marijuana card.

The next time you are driving home from work or in the car, be sure to turn off your cell phone to let your family know you are in Colorado.

In Colorado, medical marijuana is legal for adults 21 and older and is not restricted to anyone under 18.

The first patients will be able to receive a card in November.

But many doctors and dispensaries are waiting on a state and federal advisory committee to approve a program that will allow them to legally obtain cannabis from caregivers and dispensaries, allowing patients to take it in a safe and legal manner.

This guide will give you all the information you need to get started in the process.

What are my options?

You may not have heard of the Colorado Medical Marijuana Program.

But you will need to have a medical condition to qualify for the card.

For many, this means they have a terminal illness or other condition that can be treated with medicine.

If you are suffering from a terminal condition, you may need to obtain a medical marijuana prescription from a doctor.

Your primary care physician may also be able order a card for you.

What will I need to bring?

You will need: 1-1/2-gallon plastic canister of water (or equivalent) with lid or a cap for dispensing,