A new lawsuit aims to stop Pine Tree Legal divorce from taking effect

Posted November 08, 2018 12:12:01 The Pine Tree Law Firm in the U.S. filed a lawsuit against a California divorce court for not allowing a divorce to take effect on time.

The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday in federal court in Sacramento, California.

The lawsuit seeks a court order to stop the divorce from going into effect on January 1.

“We’ve had a couple of years in which we have been very frustrated with the delays and lack of transparency, and we are really trying to make a difference with this lawsuit,” said Pine Tree attorney, Andrew D’Agostino.

“The fact is, I’ve had to defend myself against many frivolous lawsuits filed by lawyers.

This is just the latest example of that.

This case is about my right to a fair divorce and my right as a man to take advantage of the system to pursue my career,” D’Albany attorney, Mark Schoell, said in a statement.

“We hope that our clients and their families will be able to use this suit to pressure the courts to change their practices.”

The Pine Tree legal team says that while they are willing to work with a divorce attorney who does not conduct a sham divorce, they will not be following the advice of a divorce judge.

The attorneys says that they are working on their own.

“It is my duty to do everything I can to resolve the dispute and prevent the divorce.

We are taking the time to consult with all parties before making a final decision,” Schoeller said in the statement.

Pine Tree filed the lawsuit last year on behalf of their clients, including their ex-husband, Robert and his wife, Michelle, who have been divorced for two years.

The couple were married in 2008 and the couple had two children.PINE TREE LEGAL ASSOCIATION, THE NEW YORK POST, PINE TREET LAW FIRM, ROGER BAKER, NEW YORK Post