Seafood and other delicacies banned in NSW – The ABC

Legal seafood is banned from NSW.

The Government has banned seafood from its waterways, beaches, ferries and sea air.

But it says the law is needed to protect Australia’s waterways from marine pollution.

The ban is aimed at controlling the spread of algae blooms that can cause food poisoning, and also to reduce the spread and spread of the disease which causes salmonella.

The legislation bans fish and shellfish products from being brought into Australia from overseas, but is not clear how it will work.

It also includes an exemption for small-scale producers and the production of shellfish by licensed processors.

Read more about the ban here: Seafood banThe NSW Government said the ban was “necessary to protect the Great Barrier Reef and to manage the spread” of salmonellosis.

The Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries, Stephen Parry, said the legislation was aimed at protecting the Great White Barrier Reef from marine contamination.

“This law will allow us to manage and control the spread,” he said.

“The introduction of the new legislation will ensure that the Great Western Barrier Reef remains a source of food for Australian families.”

The State Government said it was concerned about the impact on local fish farmers and was considering the implications of the ban on its ability to meet food production targets.

Read the NSW Government’s submission to the ABC’s inquiry here: SSA submissionThe SSA said the new laws were aimed at ensuring food security for Australian communities and protecting the health of our waters.

It said it would seek to ensure that a local food security strategy is developed to address the impacts of the proposed new legislation.