How to get a weed-legal license

Weed-legalization campaigners are pushing for a change in NSW’s laws on cannabis and the sale of the drug, after two weeks of legal cannabis cultivation.

The move comes as the state is set to host the world’s largest cannabis convention, the Global Cannabis Business Expo, in Sydney.

But the NSW Department of Primary Industries and Resources has rejected the proposals, saying the state’s existing medical cannabis system is not working.

“I am not sure we are in a position to say the current medical cannabis regime is working,” Department of Health spokesperson Rob Scott told AAP.

“The current system is working.

We have seen a significant reduction in the use of cannabis by NSW health professionals.”

Read more The department says it has consulted with doctors, pharmacists and others who are currently dispensing medical cannabis in NSW.

The state’s previous medical cannabis regulation was designed to support the use and development of medical cannabis, while it is not yet legalised.

But in October, the Victorian Health Department said that it was not planning to amend the current legislation.

Under the new proposal, a medical cannabis practitioner who was already dispensing cannabis would be required to be licensed in NSW, while a registered medical cannabis retailer would also be required.

Medical cannabis could be administered to patients with chronic pain, but the drug would not be included in the current regulation.

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The federal government is expected to sign off on a national system in Australia by the end of the year.