California legal weed state lawmakers want you to know about the legal weed

Legal weed states have started to put out their first official releases of cannabis in recent months, with Oregon and Washington among the first states to allow adults to purchase and use it.

And now, California lawmakers want to keep the state’s first batch of recreational pot in the state.

As of Tuesday, there are five states with legal recreational cannabis.

And while California has yet to officially announce its own plans for its first batch, the state is also expected to announce its official legal pot rules for the year ahead.

In order to be able to buy and possess recreational pot, it’s going to have to go through a regulatory process, said Rep. Jared Huffman, a California Republican who chairs the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

That process is going to involve the state legislature, the governor, the attorney general and the federal government, Huffman told The Associated Press.

The California state legislature will have the final say on how the state can legalize recreational marijuana, which will come down to a vote in January.

That’s when California will formally approve recreational pot sales and sales of medical marijuana.

California Gov.

Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law in January that allows for the recreational sale of marijuana.

But there are still plenty of hurdles to overcome before recreational marijuana can be sold.

The first big hurdle is the state has to approve the sale of recreational marijuana from pharmacies.

But a judge has ruled that the law has to be upheld in the courts, which could take months.

The other big hurdle will be the state decides whether or not to set up a network of retail stores that would allow people to buy the legal cannabis.

That network is still in the works, but Newsom said the state would “certainly” do that, though he didn’t offer specifics.

He said there will be no federal regulations for recreational pot stores.

Huffman, however, said there are some steps California could take to help set up retail stores.

He noted that the state already has one recreational store, the Greenleaf, in Oakland, but that it doesn’t sell to the public.

In order to open a recreational marijuana shop, it would have to have a license from the city and county and it would need to have some employees who have a criminal background.

Hocking said it’s too early to know whether the new state regulations would make it possible to open stores.

He also said it would be “very difficult” to create a system that allows marijuana to be sold in more than one place.

That would require a federal permit and could take years.

The state is considering setting up a pilot program for recreational sales of marijuana from small businesses, which Huffman said would be a step toward making it easier to get the product into people’s homes.

He also said the plan could allow for medical marijuana patients to use it as prescribed.

Newsom has said that recreational marijuana could be legal for people who have completed the medical marijuana program, but Huffman believes the state should focus on creating a more comprehensive medical marijuana system.

That could include a state-approved program that would be administered by the state Department of Public Health and the Department of Veterans Affairs, he said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.