Which of these is the best marijuana law internship?

Recode is reporting that more than a dozen marijuana legalization interns will join the staff at Recode, joining former CEO David Perdue, former President Obama’s former chief of staff Robert Gibbs, former attorney general Loretta Lynch, and former Secretary of State John Kerry as the first members of the media who have received official government employment since legalization rolled out in November.

According to Recode’s sources, Recode interns will be part of a “new generation” of media staffers, one who has never had formal government employment before, and one who is not a full-time employee, but who will be assigned to work for the company.

They will be in the company’s “new media group,” a division that will “bring the best of the world to Recodes audience,” according to Recoding’s sources.

Recode says the interns will work in the “new Media Group, which focuses on content, business and community engagement, with a focus on the tech and entertainment industries.”

Recode also says they will be able to work on “new projects, which will include writing about politics and culture, and programming and digital content for digital platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.”

The hiring of the interns comes just days after Recode CEO David Perlmutter joined President Obama in calling for a national cannabis law reform, and in the wake of his comments about marijuana legalization.

Recode said that they were looking to “bring a fresh perspective to the media industry” and are looking to hire “highly-regarded, highly-paid journalists to join our team.”