Medical marijuana dispensaries in New Zealand’s capital, Auckland, are facing a potential legal nightmare

A group of New Zealand medical marijuana dispensaries is facing a possible legal nightmare.

Photo: SuppliedMedical marijuana dispensaries are currently operating in Auckland’s CBD and the CBD is expected to be home to up to 10,000 patients, according to the New Zealand Medical Association.

The Association’s president, Richard Cockerham, told Newstalk Breakfast that the CBD was home to some of the countrys largest medical cannabis growers.

“It’s the CBD where we’ve got about 10,600 growers and we have about 8,000 dispensaries that are operating,” he said.

“So if you’re looking at the CBD you might see about 5,000 cannabis dispensaries operating in a single day.”

If you’re a CBD dispensary, if you operate within that CBD then you’re essentially operating in one of the biggest marijuana markets in the country, so that’s really going to be very difficult.

“Mr Cockerhill said a number of local businesses were in the process of moving to the CBD and were not yet ready to open.”

There are about 20 licensed cannabis producers in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida and Ohio, so we expect there to be about 10 to 12 cannabis dispensaries in the New York City CBD,” he told Newscasts.

New Zealand’s CBD has been the scene of a heated debate since last November, when then-prime minister Jacinda Ardern declared the CBD a “sanctuary city” where medicinal marijuana would not be prosecuted.

Ms Arderr had also vowed to bring cannabis cultivation and retail to New Zealand.

A spokesman for Ms Arderst said at the time that she was “confident” that the New Plymouth CBD would not fall into the same legal hands as her home city of Wellington.”

The CBD is a safe haven for those who have medical conditions or are facing medical conditions,” the spokesman said at that time.”

New Zealand is a place of openness and compassion for all.

The CBD is the first legal place to be able to do that and it’s very important for the medical cannabis community.

“The New Zealand Department of Health and the New South Wales Department of Planning and Industry said they would be monitoring the CBD’s potential for recreational cannabis sales.”

We will work closely with CBD stakeholders to ensure all of their needs are met.”