How to find legal seafood in Canada

The federal government is launching a new program to help Canadians with legal seafood worries.

The Canadian Government is launching the first Legal Seafood Canada Program to help people with legal fish and shellfish concerns in Canada.

The program will allow people to submit applications for legal fish, shellfish and shell products, including seafood products from the B.C. Coast Salmon Fisheries, the B-1 Canadian Antarctic Herring and other sources.

The program will also provide information on the legality of certain products.

“Legal seafood is one of the most significant sectors of our economy and one of our biggest jobs,” Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said.

“As we build our future, we need to be able to offer Canadians and businesses the tools they need to succeed.”

The federal government said it will accept applications from individuals, businesses, non-profits and non-governmental organizations to help process and process applications.

The government said the first phase of the program is underway and it will take about six months to process all the applications.