How to be a legal insurrectionist in Boston legal insurrection

The Boston Legal Insurrection Coalition (BLIC) was formed in 2015 as a group of individuals who want to push the boundaries of what legal insurrection is.

We were born to fight for a new type of legal insurrection—one that would challenge our status as legal outsiders in the US.

We’ve since become an international community of people from all walks of life fighting to create a more humane and peaceful world.

Here are some things you need to know about legal insurrection in Boston.1.

You don’t have to have a gun.

Legal insurrectionists do not need to have guns to engage in their work.

In Boston, armed law-abiding citizens can participate in legal insurrection.

However, we don’t encourage people to bring guns to a legal demonstration because of the risk of being shot by law enforcement.

We also don’t discourage people from exercising their rights under the First Amendment, which we believe protects everyone’s right to freedom of speech and association.2.

You can join a legal resistance movement, but you can’t get involved in an insurrection without a legal permit.

We call this the “no gun, no law” rule.

If you have a permit, you can take part in legal resistance without a permit.

However you do it, you must respect the law and the rights of other legal participants.3.

You are not a terrorist.

Boston is not the only city in the country where people have been arrested for organizing legal resistance in a non-violent manner.

In fact, there are many other cities that have legal resistance movements in which people take matters into their own hands and resist the police.

Boston has had a long history of legal resistance, so it’s important that people understand that there are ways to be involved in legal defiance without becoming a terrorist or engaging in violence.4.

Boston law enforcement has a long record of arresting, detaining, and prosecuting individuals for peacefully exercising their right to peacefully assemble and to protest against injustices in the law.

The city’s Police Commissioner has been an outspoken critic of the city’s legal resistance laws, and Mayor Marty Walsh has been vocal in his opposition to the use of “No Guns, No Law” laws by police.5.

You have the right to assemble without police assistance.

Boston’s public spaces are an integral part of our democracy and the First, Fourth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the US Constitution all require that we respect the right of people to assemble in public.

However our legal resistance activities should not be a form of resistance.

For example, we do not participate in mass arrests of people who are peacefully demonstrating.

Rather, we challenge the legitimacy of the state, its police, and its policies by demanding justice.6.

If the law is unjust, you have the legal right to challenge it.

As legal insurrectionists, we are also committed to standing up to state oppression and injustice.

We believe that the police are part of a class of people that oppress others by their very nature, which is why we call for the abolition of all forms of violence and oppression.7.

You do not have to wear a mask to participate in a legal protest.

Boston Police have issued a number of different permits and training guides to legal insurrection participants, including a booklet on how to participate safely.

However we also encourage you to wear your face coverings, especially in case you encounter police.

You may want to consider a mask if you are concerned about your safety.8.

You must wear the same mask for all your actions.

We don’t want our actions to look or sound like they are staged.

If we are asked to change the mask we must ask that the new mask be made by a licensed medical professional and have a prescription for the appropriate drug.9.

You should never disrupt an event without permission.

If a legal community is organized to protest or a legal event takes place without a valid permit, it will be considered unlawful.

We do not condone disruption or the taking of action without permission of the event organizer.10.

If someone does harm, you should be prepared to defend yourself.

Legal Insurgency is not about fighting for individual rights.

We seek to bring about change by building community through nonviolent, direct action.

We support and fight for an international legal framework that protects the rights and freedoms of people everywhere.

We want everyone to be able to engage and be involved with legal resistance.

We urge you to consider participating in legal rebellion if you want to fight injustice in Boston, the world, or in the United States.