How to get absinthes legal in Canada

Canada is considering introducing an absinthetic supplement that is legally available as a legal substitute for cannabis and could potentially change the way the country deals with the country’s drug problem.

Legal cannabis is currently available to Canadians, but only for medical use.

A legal cannabis supplement, which could be produced in the UK and Europe, could be the answer to the countrys heroin problem and could bring the drug’s use under control.

The federal government is studying the medicinal use of the drug, which has been legal since 1996.

But in recent months, there have been concerns that its use could lead to addiction.

“The government has made a very clear position that cannabis and the medicinal uses for cannabis are separate,” Health Minister Jane Philpott told a House of Commons committee on Tuesday.

“We will continue to consult with our colleagues in the medical and recreational industries to explore how best to make cannabis products available to people who are medically needed.”

A spokesman for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency said it is aware of the news but declined to comment on its plans for the supplement.

The Canadian government has not yet made a decision on the legal status of the product, which is being developed by British pharmaceutical company GW Pharmaceuticals.

The company said it hopes to begin selling the drug in Canada within a year.