How to Legalize Marijuana in California?

Legalize marijuana in California, it seems.

The California Department of Justice has announced the state is looking to legalize the plant in 2018, though the department hasn’t provided a timeline for when the move will take place.

The announcement comes as the California state legislature considers a bill to legalize marijuana, and the governor is expected to sign it into law.

“I’ve got a lot of concerns about this bill.

I’m concerned about it being a Trojan horse, because I think this bill will have a tremendous impact on the people of California,” Governor Jerry Brown said on Tuesday.

The bill, known as the Marijuana Control and Regulation Act, would allow for the sale of marijuana for personal consumption.

It also would allow marijuana to be used in some medical conditions.

It’s not clear when California would start selling recreational marijuana.

Legalization has been a topic of discussion among California lawmakers in recent years, and a 2016 report found that California had become the most marijuana-friendly state in the nation.