Bitcoin is legal in California

Bitcoin is now legal in the state of California, a new ruling from the state’s highest court makes clear.

California’s Supreme Court on Monday issued an order allowing businesses to sell and use Bitcoin, a form of virtual currency that allows users to pay for goods and services online without a bank account or payment card.

The ruling by the state Court of Appeal makes clear that Bitcoin is a legal form of money.

Bitcoin is a form that was invented in 2008.

Its value has fluctuated over time, depending on the value of Bitcoin’s value as a currency, but has been steadily increasing since it hit the market in 2008, and is now trading at about $7,000.

The virtual currency is a virtual medium of exchange that is accepted by a vast array of online services, including Bitcoin-accepting businesses.

The state Court in a previous ruling last year recognized the potential of Bitcoin, saying it was a “protocol” that was developed by its creator.

In February 2017, the state legislature passed a law allowing the sale of Bitcoin.