Federalization of the Business Name Legal Assistant Jobs

California is moving forward with a measure that would make it easier for businesses to legally change their names in the state.

The move is the latest in a series of measures being taken by the Trump administration to roll back restrictions on business names.

“It is my hope that California can become a place that is more open and more inclusive for the business owners and business owners in general,” Governor Jerry Brown told reporters Wednesday.

California is among a handful of states that are moving to loosen some restrictions on businesses.

The state is already allowing names to be used on business documents such as wills, wills and probate.

But California has not allowed businesses to change their name, name of corporate entity or business entity name.

Business owners and the California Chamber of Commerce have lobbied the Trump White House to allow for a similar change in California.

They argue that the state has a strong history of creating and protecting trademark protections.

The law is part of a broader push by the administration to loosen restrictions on trademarks.

Trump has proposed creating a new business-entity name, the California Entrepreneurship Council, that would be used to trademark goods and services sold in the Golden State.